Polish course in Wroclaw – don’t miss your chance!

Woclaw: Polish language course!

Wondering where to enrol for a Polish language course in Wroclaw? Use the services of Polish Dream school, which addresses its offer to people from abroad who want to learn Polish in a laid-back atmosphere. What is the effective method of this school? The teachers focus primarily on direct conversation. Because of that, you simultaneously learn the vocabulary, helpful phrases, accent and correct pronunciation. The Polish language course in Wroclaw is aimed at people who want to stay in Poland permanently and at those who are here temporarily and need to learn quickly how to communicate with Poles on a daily basis. The course can be taken in school facilities or online, and you can also choose to study in a group or individually. Both options are effective and will teach you how to use Polish correctly. If you opt for group classes, please remember that a group in Polish Dream consists of maximum 5 people. This is the most comfortable and effective Polish language learning you can opt for.

Dane Firmy
Nazwa:Polish Dream
Adres:Ruska 2, 50-079 Wrocław
woj. dolnośląskie, Polska
Telefon:48533 787 244
Oferta:Woclaw: Polish language course!
Godziny otwarcia
Dodatkowe dane
Dane rejestrowe:NIP: 6881229621 / REGON: 371024728

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